How to Set Up a Commercial Swing Set

A commercial swing set is always a great addition to your playground. In fact, it shouldn't even be just an “addition;” it is a playground requisite. In a typical playground scenario, one commercial swing set is not enough. A playground should at least have two, in order to accommodate the kids who like playing with swings.

There are basics that should be followed when setting up your commercial swing set. As always, this is better off done by a professional team of playground installers and inspectors. In any case, here are guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Your commercial swing set should be freestanding. There shouldn't be any attached platforms, items or decks.

2. You should install an impact-reducing surface. This should be 1750 mm plus the length of the swing chain from a 60 degree angle away from swing set. For loose fill impact-reducing surfaces, the distance should be 2250 mm plus the length of the chain at 60 degrees.

3. If there are playground equipment that needs to be located next to your commercial swing set, this should be at least 2.5 meters away from the swing's extended chain length (at the direction of the swing). This avoids collisions and other swing-related accidents.

4. The swing's beam should not be within the reach of its users. This ensures that the moving parts, particularly the bearing that attaches the swing chain to the beam, is kept away from curious kids.

5. There should only be two swings per commercial swing set. This ensures that beams are not overloaded.

6. There should be at least 350 mm of ground clearance when a person's on the swing. You won't want the rider's bottom to touch the ground during swings.

7. Swing seats should hang at a maximum of 550 mm off the ground. This ensures that seats are reachable to typical swing users.

8. The chain that supports the swing seat should be attached by a flexible and safe material that does not allow finger insertion and has no protrusions. This material is one of the more accessible parts of the swing.

9. Swing seats should be made from impact-absorbing material. This should be light and easy to maintain.

10. Proper bearing should be used when attaching the chain to the swing's beam. It should be strong enough for typical swing loads and usage.

11. The swing seat should be free from any unsecured ropes or chains.